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At Velocity Cricket, we bring you the cutting-edge Bola Bowling Machines, designed to enhance your training sessions with unmatched precision and reliability.

About Bola Bowling Machines

Bola Bowling Machines are renowned for their accuracy, consistency, and advanced technology, making them the preferred choice for cricketers worldwide. With over 35 years of continuous development, Bola machines offer unparalleled features to help players of all skill levels improve their batting performance.

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Key Features of Bola Bowling Machines

Discover the advanced features that make Bola Bowling Machines the best in the industry.

Bola Bowling Machines, Cricket practice, Precision bowling machines, Bola Professional Bowling Machine

High-Resolution Control Panel:

New ePaper display for enhanced functionality.

Adjustable Speed:

Speeds from 15 to 95 mph (24 to 152 kph) with 1 mph increments.

Multiple Bowling Styles:

Spin, swing, and pace bowling with 19 settings.

Electronic Random Variation:

For competitive practice sessions.

Brushless Motors:

For reliable and precise ball delivery.

Integration at Velocity Cricket

We have equipped two of our practice lanes with the Bola Professional Bowling Machines to provide our players with the best training experience possible. These machines are perfect for honing your batting skills through consistent and customizable practice sessions.

Why Choose Bola Bowling Machines?

Bola Bowling Machines are the ultimate tool for serious cricketers looking to improve their game. Here’s why:


Highly accurate deliveries help improve batting skills.


Multiple settings to replicate various bowling styles and conditions.


Built with durable materials and advanced technology for long-term use.

Enhanced Training:

Features like random delivery increments and session timers add value to practice sessions.

What Our Players Say

Hear from those who have experienced the difference Bola Bowling Machines make in their training.

“The Bola Bowling Machine has transformed our training sessions. The precision and customization options are outstanding.”

Amateur Cricketer

"Velocity Cricket has transformed my game. The facilities are top-notch."

League Cricket Player

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