This waiver applies to all events, practices, gym sessions, tournaments, and matches held at Velocity Cricket Facilities (hereinafter referred to as “Velocity Cricket”), whether conducted at a Velocity Cricket branch or organized by Velocity Cricket and held elsewhere.
In consideration of being allowed to participate, the undersigned hereby:

  • Agrees to inspect the facilities and equipment before participating. If anything appears unsafe, I will immediately inform Velocity Cricket management.
  • Acknowledges and fully understands that voluntary participation in activities at Velocity Cricket involves inherent risks of injury, including but not limited to catastrophic injury, permanent disability, and death. These risks may arise from my own actions, inactions, or negligence, as well as the actions, inactions, or negligence of others, including Velocity Cricket, the rules of play, the premises’ conditions, or any equipment used.
  • Assumes all aforementioned risks as a condition of participation and accepts personal responsibility for any resulting damages following such injury.
  • Unconditionally releases, waives, indemnifies, and holds harmless the officers, directors, administrators, agents, coaches, employees, volunteers, sponsoring agencies, sponsors, and advertisers of Velocity Cricket.
  • Agrees to bear all medical expenses incurred, regardless of insurance coverage. In case of emergency, accident, or illness, authorizes ambulance transport to the hospital and consents to diagnostic, treatment, or operative procedures, including x-rays, performed by physicians, athletic trainers, technicians, first-aid personnel, nurses, and dentists. No guarantee is provided regarding examination or treatment outcomes, and I accept total responsibility for any and all medical costs.
  • Accepts responsibility for deciding whether to continue participation while injured.

I have read and agree to the terms of the Velocity Cricket liability waiver.